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Mental Health Kit: Think5

The Think5 Kit is made for UAL freshers, and contains an item designed for each of our five senses. Each object was designed with the intent of reducing feelings of anxiety and depression and eradicating stigma surrounding mental health.

For sight, my kit contains a sticker booklet with positive affirmations. The item for taste is a box of chamomile teabags, a stress ball is included for touch, aromatherapy rollerballs for smell and a rainmaker for hearing. Inside the kit is also a poster and leaflet explaining the items, providing hacks and tips for uni life, and how to get help with mental health issues at UAL as well as outside of uni and online.

The Think5 Kit aims to eradicate stigma surrounding mental health by raising awareness of available services at UAL and providing self-care items to all new students starting at UAL. In moments of anxiety or when experiencing feelings of depression, comfort can be found in the Think5 Kit.

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