Generative Playing Cards

This outcome results from a form of generative design, originating from my chosen object of a deck of playing cards. The process involved creating a set of rules for several participants to follow, which were observed and analysed using qualitative and quantitative methods. The data gathered was then transformed into experimentations, which were then refined to best communicate movement seen in a poker game. 

My final outcome then became a set of playing cards, mirroring the format of standard playing cards yet removing the element of secrecy through the use of translucent acrylic. Each card displays movements in several poker games, following individual cards from the moment they are picked up to when they are put down. In this way, all meaning of winning or losing, strategy, and luck, are stripped down and only the movements of the game remain. The cards question the meaning and reasoning behind card games, revealing the act of playing cards in its simplest form – as a set of movements.